About Audun


About Audun: He has a passion for business and community development in the combination with coaching and self-leadership as a key for common good development. Audun is married and a father to three children.

He has been involved in several development and establishing processes where he has lived. This both as a professional as well as a committed volunteer.

Audun has an earlier background from civil engineering both from constructing as well as consulting where he also established and ran a business for several years in Norway.  Later his passion for improving collaboration and self-leadership led to a new track in life. This included a European consulting-in-organisations-education where studies and workshops were done in organisations in different countries.

He is bringing with him a trust in life and in that everything is possible. He has a strong belief in the potential of every human being and a commitment for exploring how this potential may be accessed in life in general as well as in collaboration and development situations.

Experience from a media storm: In the latest decades Audun has been part of a network of entrepreneurs working to develop a front edge approach to self-leadership in collaborative situations. In this period, he together with colleagues and others experienced how “media-forces” could be abused to spread fabricated slander in a try to block new initiatives from developing.

His childhood Audun had on a small but fantastic island above the arctic circle in Norway. Today he lives in Vuollerim in Lapland, Sweden, a vital village with a lot of warmth, commitment and where a lot of grass root initiatives making things happen.  Here are a few short examples from the village about how equal teamwork may change the world 🙂

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